Whiskey Barrel Ring Pros and Cons, Reviews, and Unique Wedding Band Styles!

Why Select Whiskey Barrel Rings for your Wedding Band?

Whiskey barrel rings make unique and stylish wedding bands for a variety of reasons making it an ideal wedding band for men and women.

Gold Mens Wedding Band Whiskey Barrel Ring Review

One reason is that they have a rustic, natural charm. Whiskey barrel rings are made from oak, which is a durable and attractive wood. The rings are often left in their natural state, with the wood’s natural grain patterns and color visible. This gives them a rustic, organic look that is perfect for couples who want a wedding band that is both stylish and natural.

Here’s a review from Jessie who is a Happy Pillar Styles customer:

My husband was blown away when I gave it to him for his birthday to replace his plain silver ring. I read other reviews about how it looks so much more in person, they were not kidding. Truly one of a kind ring. Thank you!

Another reason is that whiskey barrel rings are unique. Because they are made from reclaimed wood, each ring is one-of-a-kind. No two rings are exactly alike, which means that you can be sure that your wedding band will be completely unique. This is especially appealing to couples who want a wedding band that is different from the traditional gold or platinum bands that are commonly worn.

A third reason is that whiskey barrel rings are environmentally friendly. Because they are made from reclaimed wood, these rings have a smaller environmental impact than traditional wedding bands. This is especially appealing to couples who are environmentally conscious and want a wedding band that reflects their values.

Overall, whiskey barrel rings are a great choice for couples who want a unique, rustic, and environmentally friendly wedding band. Whether you choose a plain band or one with intricate designs, a whiskey barrel ring is sure to make a statement on your wedding day and beyond.

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Mens Whiskey Barrel Ring Reviews

Here’s another 5 star review from Lesley about her silver tungsten whiskey barrel ring:

I’m sooo very excited to give my husband his anniversary gift! customer service and prompt responses were outstanding. the quality is remarkable! I cant say enough great things. Just wonderful experience all the way around!

What Gives the Whiskey Barrel Wood the Unique Wood Grain Pattern and Color?

The unique wood grain pattern and color profile is unlike any other wedding ring that incorporates wood in the design.  And it all starts with the process of distilling whiskey.  Here are the origins of the distilling process that makes the bourbon barrel wood ring look so unique!

Mashing: The first step in the whiskey distillation process is to convert the grains (such as barley, corn, rye, or wheat) into a sugary liquid called wort. This is done by grinding the grains into a fine powder, mixing them with water, and heating the mixture in a large tank called a mash tun. As the grains are heated, they release their sugars, which dissolve into the water to create the wort.

Fermentation: After the wort has been produced, it is cooled and transferred to large tanks called fermenters. Yeast is added to the wort and allowed to ferment, converting the sugars into alcohol. This process can take several days or weeks, depending on the type of whiskey being produced.

Whiskey Barrel Ring Reviews from Customers

Distillation: Once the fermentation process is complete, the resulting liquid, called wash, is ready for distillation. The wash is heated in a large pot still, which causes the alcohol to vaporize and rise to the top of the still. The vapor is then cooled and condensed back into a liquid, creating a high-proof alcohol called “low wine.”

Aging: After the low wine has been produced, it is transferred to oak barrels for aging. During this process, the whiskey develops its distinctive flavors and aromas. The length of time that the whiskey is aged will depend on the type of whiskey being produced and the desired flavor profile.

Bottling: Once the aging process is complete, the whiskey is ready to be bottled. It is typically diluted with water to reduce the alcohol content and then bottled and labeled for sale.

Distilling whiskey is a complex process that requires a combination of skill, experience, and patience.  This applies to your artisan whiskey barrel ring!  Each whiskey barrel wood ring is perfected and backed with a lifetime warranty.  The result is a sleek, one of a kind ring that’s as smooth as Tennessee whiskey!

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