How To Select a Mens Wedding Band – Tips & Rules to keep in mind before buying

6mm & 8mm Damascus Ring with Rose Gold Inlay 1
Damascus Ring with Offset Rose Gold Inlay in 6mm Width

Choosing a wedding ring is probably one of the most important things you can do because it’s a piece of jewelry that you will wear for the rest of your life.

I’ve been wearing my wedding band for 6 years every day and it’s something that becomes part of you and for that reason, you want something that you really, truly like. It pays to invest in quality simply because you wear it every day.

Now, I don’t know your taste and it may be very progressive but from what I can tell, a classic band stands the test of time and chances that you won’t like them anymore after a few years are very little.

The most popular material for wedding rings is tungsten and in gold and silver.

18K Gold Ring Mens Wedding Band with Beveled Edges 2
18K Gold Ring Mens Wedding Band with Beveled Edges

It’s very classic and the best combinations are 14k or 18k because the have the right gold look but they are not too soft otherwise, you’ll see the scratches.

Traditionally, if you didn’t like gold, which was rarely the case, people went for silver.

Now, while I like it for pinky rings, I do not like silver for a wedding band because it’s softer and it shows scuffs much more easily.

The big advantage is that it’s a lot less expensive than gold and at the same time, it requires polishing because it oxidizes and personally, I find it very bothersome for something that I wear every day.

White gold is quite popular these days and if you like the silver look, it’s a valid alternative to a yellow gold or maybe even a rose gold.

Rose gold was very popular and personally, I like it a lot. I have cufflinks in rose gold, I have a ring in rose gold, and it’s a nice material and it works particularly well if you are a little more tan because it just has a slightly different look than a yellow gold.

Now, these are the basic classic materials you can wear for wedding rings and I suggest you stick with them because they’ve proven that they work, they last, and they don’t lose their value.

The next step would be to determine what kind of look you want specifically, how wide you want your ring to be.

The Most Common Widths for a Mens Wedding Band is 8mm and 6mm

The approximate size of an 8mm wedding band.

I suggest you go with something maybe 6mm or 8mm because it gets bigger, yes it can look more masculine but it can also be more difficult to get the ring onto your finger and it can be less comfortable when you wear it.

In terms of finishes, you can go with shiny finish that is polished, it’s probably the most classic one.

You can get something that’s hammered which is unusual, or ou can get that milgrain edge, the one I’m wearing personally, or you can get something that’s really matte which is hardly ever seen.

Sometimes you also see edged patterns and things like that but the more exotic you can get, the more likely it is that you won’t like the design in 20 years from now.

Personally, I think that matte finishes look more like stainless steel and I would stay clear of them but if you love them, go for it.

New Comfort Fit Wedding Rings are Great!

Personally, I like it a lot and what it does, it gives you rounder edges so it makes it easier to take the ring on and off, for example when you wash your hands or if you have a job where it’s not good to have your wedding ring on.

For example, when I go to the gym, I sometimes find it hard to have my wedding ring because I get blisters on my hand if I lift some weights.

So one question I get asked a lot is “Do I have to match the metals of my wedding band to the rest of my outfit?”

I say no, you don’t have to. Don’t stress out about it.

Your wedding ring is a part of you and if you can match it, great!

If not, that’s okay too.

Now, if you want to do it, one thing to keep in mind is to have maybe one ring in white gold, and then the same one in yellow gold so you can switch it up so it matches with your tie bars, your cufflinks, or other metal things that you want to wear.

The Top Rules to Follow For Wedding Rings

Gold Meteorite Mens Tungsten Wedding Band 3
Gold Meteorite Mens Tungsten Wedding Band

The number 1 rule is to be different! Materials such as wood, tungsten, cobalt, titanium, rubber, and so forth really make the ring unique.

Rule number 2 is don’t go with anything that’s wider than 8mm because it’s just way too big.

Rule number 3, do not add diamonds to your ring because it’s just very flashy and it makes you look like a pimp.

Rule number 4, definitely avoid adjustable rings.

That’s something from a gumball machine and it’s really the cheapest of the cheap and since this is a wedding ring, you want something that’s quality.

A Note on Wedding Band Sizing

I find sizing can be very tricky because, in the US, the size measurements is different than it is in Europe for example.

At the same time, at the jewelers, they give you rings that you can try on and sometimes the size of the ring also depends on the width of the ring so ideally, you try on rings the same width that you want to wear afterwards otherwise, a slimmer ring can be tighter than a wider ring.

One thing I personally find challenging sometimes, is that your fingers change in size throughout the day but specifically throughout the seasons.

During summer time, my fingers are bigger and in the winter when it’s cold, my fingers are slimmer.

So when you choose a ring that you want to wear year round, make sure that you don’t buy a ring during the summer time that is almost too big because then during the winter time, it will certainly be too small.

Likewise, don’t buy a ring in the winter time that is very snug because it will be painful to wear during the summer.

The best way to figure out your irng size is probably to go to a jeweler. Sometimes you can also find these ring sizers that are made out of plastic and they come in all sizes and you can put them on but usually, they’re quite slim so that can be tricky and throw off the actual measurements for your finger.

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