Antler & Whiskey Barrel Ring Mens Wedding Band Nature Ring 6mm Unique Wood Ring

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Carefully crafted with whiskey barrel wood and deer antler, this 6mm tungsten wedding band will turn heads. The striking color play between naturally shed antlers and warm whiskey wood tones has a remarkable finish that any nature enthusiast will appreciate. Salvaged small batch whiskey wood is derived from aged casks in Tennessee and has an enticing color profile that accentuates the unique 6mm thin tungsten band. Sustainably sourced, Eco-friendly, and absolutely stunning on your finger. For the modern couple who desires a ring that breaks free from the mundane, this dual inlay tungsten ring checks all of the boxes. The bold whiskey wood color profiles, deer antler patterns, and silver tungsten band creates an undeniable presence when being worn. Photos don’t do this stunning enhanced comfort fit ring justice – it looks even better in person!

The history of your ring starts with the best white oak wood trees being crafted into a whiskey barrel. The whiskey is aged in the wood creating not only a pleasant drink, but also a stunning wood grain pattern. The whiskey wood staves are then carved, sanded, and polished into a ring form. Finally, the whiskey wood is sealed, protected, and bonded with a stunning polished silver tungsten frame. And unique deer antler compliments the whiskey barrel wood for an all around seamless and stunning look! Genuine Whitetail Deer antler showcases a unique texture & color that compliments the whiskey wood. Please note all of our rings that feature antlers are sourced humanely – we only use naturally shed antlers!

The result is a brilliant combination of Earth’s elements that tells a story of the past and lives on into your future. Your ring will have its own nuanced antler & whiskey barrel wood grain pattern making it truly one of a kind. It’s a powerful wedding band that really gives you the “WOW” factor when being worn. The ring’s style is engineered to pair the old with the new using white oak whiskey barrel wood and ultra durable tungsten. If you’re going to wear a ring daily, why not choose one that stands out as powerful and exclusive to you?

When crafting a tungsten ring with intricate inlays like deer antler & whiskey barrel wood, it’s important to protect and preserve the natural materials. Your ring is protected with our ring armor coating that shields it from water, dirt, and grime at no additional cost to you! Polished silver tungsten carbide ensures your ring can withstand the harshest conditions while maintaining its signature style for decades to come. Tungsten rates 9.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, second only to diamonds making this the superior choice for lasting impression. This alternative metal will maintain a permanent shine and is scratch resistant. You won’t ever have to worry about removing the ring doing garden work, swimming in the ocean, or showering. Unsure of your size? Get a free ring sizer to ensure you get the best fit for your one of a kind whiskey wood wedding band.

– Your ring is protected with the extensive Pillar Styles lifetime warranty. Should anything happen to your ring, it will be repaired or replaced. This covers almost everything except the ring being lost or stolen for the duration you own the ring!

– The premium tungsten ring is nickel free, cobalt free, and also hypoallergenic! It won’t degrade or turn your finger green – ever!

– Free & secure shipping worldwide with tracking and delivery confirmation

– Free elegant ring box that is ready for gift giving to that special someone

– Free ring sizer! Select “Unsure – Ring Sizer” when you check out to secure the sale price

– Enhanced Comfort Fit sizing allows for slightly extra room on the interior of the ring for a supreme fit perfect for daily use

We encourage you to read other’s experience with Pillar Styles from around the world! Enjoy customer service that is with you before, during, and after creating your treasured tungsten whiskey barrel ring. If you have any additional questions, ring deadlines, or custom ring ideas – send a message and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Pillar Styles looks forward to serving you and truly appreciate the opportunity!

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